OMSE Xtreme Forces

The Goal: From Supercar Lites to Supercar Star!

OMSE Xtreme Forces created by Olsbregs MSE CEO Andreas Eriksson help young drivers to develop all the way to the highest level of Rallycross. The program has started in year 2013 when young Finish Rallycross Driver Toomas Topi Heikinen won his first Global Rallycorss Supercar title with Olsbergs MSE in America. Topi won also 2013 X Games events. Current Xforces Drivers are racing in New created RX2 international Series presented by Cooper Tires during selected FIA World Rallycross rounds and at Red Bull Global Rallycross Championship based in America with Olsbergs MSE operated Supercar Lites.

Xtreme Forces Concept:

  • Driving technique development program
  • From Supercar Lites to Supercar Star
  • Physical training
  • Media training
  • Winter camps

Current Xforces Drivers:

2020 Olsbergs MSE Team PR

RX2 International Series:

  • Fraser McConnell
  • Martin Enlund
  • Jesse Kallio
  • Albert Llovera

RallyX Nordic:

  • Niklas Aneklev
  • Linus Ostlund

Other Series/TBD:

  • Kevin Eriksson
  • Sebastian Eriksson
  • Oliver Eriksson

Past Xforces Drivers:

  • Kevin Eriksson (GRC Lites 2013, RX Lites 2014-2015, FIA World Rallycross 2016)
  • Sebastian Eriksson (GRC Lites 2013)
  • Mitchel Dejong (GRC Lites 2013-2015)
  • Oliver Eriksson (GRC Lites 2015-2016)
  • Niclas Gronholm (FIA World Rallycross 2016)
  • Tejas Herani (RX Lites 2016)
  • Reinis Nitiss (FIA World Rallycross 2014-2015-2016)
  • Andreas Bakkerud (FIA World Rallycross 2014-2015- Team Champions)
  • Sandra Hultgren (RX Lites 2015, GRC Lites 2015-2016)
  • Toomas Topi Heikinen (Global Rallycross, X Games 2012-2013)
  • Austin Cindric (GRC Lites 2015)
  • Tanner Whitten (RX2 2017)
  • Cyril Raymond (GRC Lites, RX2 – 2016-17)
  • Jessica Backman (RX2 2017)
  • Andreas Backman (Rx2 2017)
  • Cole Keats (GRC Lites 2016-17, RX2 2018)
  • Guillaume De Ridder (RallyX Nordic 2018, RX2 2017-18)
  • Robin Larsson (FIA World Rallycross 2018)
  • Urlik Linnemann (RallyX Nordic 2019)

2017 Xforces Winter Camp: RallyX on Ice