Miki Weckstrom to drive GRC Lites with OMSE

Miki Weckstrom to drive GRC Lites with OMSE

Miki Weckstrom has chosen to start his first full season of rallycross with OMSE X Forces, and he’ll compete in the Lites class of the Red Bull Global Rallycross series. Miki answers some questions below:

Your background is in single-seater racing. Why did you decide on the switch to rallycross?

First of all, rallycross is fun. It’s also challenging since we must master both surfaces of tarmac and gravel. And rallycross is a growing sport which is getting more popular year by year.

How did you come to choose Red Bull Global Rallycross for your first season?

In my opinion, GRC has the best understanding of how to do rallycross events. They understand that fans may not want to travel hundreds of miles to see racing. In GRC, we go to where people are. My sponsors and backers believe in this philosophy as well.

Why OMSE X Forces?

Marcus Grönholm introduced me to OMSE Team Manager Jussi Pinomäki since I wanted to get into rallycross. I did three races in Sweden during the winter with Jussi’s private Finnish team, Set-Promotion. During the those races, I got to follow OMSE guys working and I surely was impressed by their professional skills and passion for rallycross. After the third race in Sweden, we sealed the deal with Andreas Eriksson.

What are you most looking forward to about this year?

I have racing experience in karts and European single-seaters. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been in a series full-time, so I’m looking forward to the focus and dedication that comes with chasing a championship. I’m also looking forward to traveling across the U.S and seeing new cities.

Why choose Lites to start your rallycross career?

First of all, it’s a great race car. And the driver talent is strong, so it will be a great challenge and training ground. The car is basically the same for every driver except the setups, so it gives all the drivers a great opportunity to measure their skills against their rivals, leaving no room for excuses.