Sebastian Eriksson ready for Olsbergs MSE and RallyX Supercar Scandanavia

Sebastian Eriksson ready for Olsbergs MSE and RallyX Supercar Scandanavia

The young Swedish rallycross talent, Sebastian Eriksson, from Sunnemo in Vârmland, is ready for the new rallycross championship launched by STCC next year, RallyX Supercar Scandanavia. Eriksson will be driving a Ford Fiesta Supercar with 600 horsepower under the hood for Olsbergs MSE, one of the largest and most competitive teams in international rallycross.

At only 20 years old, he is feeling confident, “I feel pretty safe. I have tested the supercar and the pace was there immediately,” says Sebastian. “We have the best car and the best team – it’s entirely up to me to deliver.”

There will be good competition in the series, including the former STCC champion Johan Kristofersson. “He probably has more pressure than me, I am a slight underdog and that suits me well. Johan is very good, it’s a challenge I look forward to,” commented Sebastian.

Although Sebastian has not spent a lot of time in rallycross, he has already enjoyed early success. He started with a few seasons in folkracing and made his rallycross debut in 2011, taking a JSM gold in 2012 and making an impressive showing with Olsbergs MSE in the Lites class in the American Global Rallycross Series in 2013. Team Principal, Andreas Eriksson, in confident in Sebastian’s ability; “He is a talent that is mature far beyond his age. He has shown that he has what it takes to be fighting at the top next year in the Supercar. He has both the speed and the toughness.”

9-10 May will be the premiere of RallyX Supercar Scandanavia, at Knutstorp, along with STCC

About OlsbergsMSE

Olsbergs Motorsports Evolution (OlsbergsMSE or OMSE) is a leading automotive innovation company based in Nynashmn, Sweden, with operations in Huntington Beach, California. Led by Swedish rallycross champion Andreas Eriksson, OMSE is recognized as one of the top rallycross outfits in the world. A respected front-running team in Europe, OMSE burst onto the United States competition circuit five years ago with its powerful, 600 horsepower rallycross Ford Fiestas and continues to revolutionize the sport with its aggressive technological advancement and professional operations. Fielding top drivers including Tanner Foust, Brian Deegan and Marcus Gronholm, the team has won the 2011 and 2012 Global Rallycross Championships since the sport of rallycross came to the United States and has finished in the top ranks at X Games every year since OMSE debuted there in 2009.

About STCC

STCC AB owns the commercial rights of the racing series STCC. The company was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Stockholm. STCC AB manages and organizes one of the biggest arena and television sports. In STCC events are included except the main class STCC also Carrera Cup, V8 Thunder Cars, Clio Cup and Formula Renault 1.6. From the 2014 operates STCC also Rallycross Supercar Scandinavia where even entry-level class Supercar Lites included.