STCC SuperCar Lites 2014 Information

STCC SuperCar Lites 2014 Information

Information about Supercar Lites Rallycross 2014 in Sweden

The Series

    • -The series will consist of at least six races of which four will take place together with racing on partially rebuilt traditional race tracks e.g. Mantorp Park and Ring Knutstorp. The two other races will go on classic rallycross tracks.


    • -Event calendar is not yet set but being worked on intensively in order to book race tracks and to find suitable dates. The objective is that STCC Rallycross should not collide with European Championship and the World Championship in Rallycross.


    • -Preliminary cost to attend the entire series is SEK 32,700 ( SEK 5,450/race).


    • -The series have SM status both for Supercar and Supercar Lites.


    • -When the Rallycross races go together with STCC likely Rallycross will race on Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon. STCC racing will take place in the mornings.


    • -The series will follow the same format as the new regulations in the European and World Championships for Supercars. The Rallycross Committee at SBF is currently working with the Swedish regulations and they will be presented within soon.



    • -STCC has its own Media manager (Joakim Tärnström) handling PR activities amongst other press releases to local and national press. He also makes sure that the local press in each driver’s hometown is updated with the latest news.


    • -STCC is the promoter for the series and a lot of information will be distributed through their channel and website.


    • -Joakim will send out a material later this week describing how STCC work and what STCC has to offer teams and drivers.


    • -Objective is to arrange for TV broadcast from each race. Verbal agreement exists and negotiations are ongoing for a written agreement. Probably the races will be summarized in a program broadcasted on Sunday afternoon/evening.


Supercar Lites: Specification according to attached brochure.


    • -Basic price for a complete car is SEK 1,275,000. A discount of SEK 50,000 is granted on the first ten cars sold. On orders signed before December 1, a special discount of SEK 25,000 is given which can be used for purchasing of e.g. rims and spare parts. All prices above are excluding VAT 25%.


    • -Delivery time is normally 4-6 weeks. At presence there are cars available for immediate delivery.


    • -The Supercar Lites is a one type car class where performance parts will be sealed.


    • -In due time there will be different car models available as bodies.


  • -For financing of the car purchase Wasa Kredit is interested to make financial solutions. See attached financing proposition from Wasa Kredit. Contact person at Wasa Kredit is Ulf Häger. E-mail Tel. work: +4686353867 mob. +46705457010DOWNLOAD HERE ALL INFORMATION IN PDF FILE

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