Established in 2005 by Andreas Eriksson under the name MSE (Motor Sport Evolution), the journey of this motorsport powerhouse took a significant turn in 2009. It was then that MSE forged a pivotal alliance with the hydraulic company Olsbergs, resulting in the birth of Olsbergs MSE (OMSE). Over the years, this team has firmly cemented its status as the unrivaled leader in the global Rallycross arena.


In its early days, OMSE initially focused its efforts on the European Rallycross Championship, playing a pivotal role in the sport's growth. The team's prowess reached its pinnacle when it secured victory in the US Global Rallycross Championship three times, with acclaimed drivers Tanner Foust, Topi Heikkinen, and Joni Wiman emerging triumphant in 2011, 2012, and 2013.


From 2014 to 2018, OMSE actively engaged in the FIA World Rallycross Championship, amassing an impressive total of six victories. The crowning achievement during this era came in 2014 when OMSE secured the inaugural team World Championship title of the World RX era, with the notable contributions of drivers Reinis Nitiss and Andreas Bakkerud.


Presently, Olsbergs-MSE has shifted its focus towards the Nitrocross championship, conceived by the renowned extreme sports icon, Travis Pastrana. Notably, the team has been at the forefront of developing the world's most formidable electric rallycross car, the FC1-X, boasting a staggering 1055 horsepower.


OMSE's primary mission centers around the design and construction of cutting-edge cars. In 2021, recognizing the need for a dedicated racing entity, TEAM OMSE was established, separating racing programs from the core mission of creating innovative cars and products. This strategic move underscores OMSE's unwavering commitment to advancing automotive technology and pushing the boundaries of motorsport excellence.