RallyX, is a high-octane and adrenaline-fueled rallycross championship that has been captivating motorsport enthusiasts across Scandinavia and beyond. This series showcases the very essence of rallycross, where powerful cars battle it out on mixed-surface tracks, combining tarmac and gravel sections, in intense, wheel-to-wheel racing action. All the action is broadcasted live and free via YouTube.

RallyX isn't just about racing; it's about embracing the passion, intensity, and camaraderie of motorsport. Whether you're a seasoned rallycross fan or a newcomer looking to dive into the world of motorsport, RallyX offers a thrilling spectacle that's not to be missed.

With its compelling mix of action-packed racing, vibrant personalities, and a commitment to pushing the limits, RallyX continues to be a staple in the rallycross calendar, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating the next round of high-speed excitement.